Tuesday, March 24, 2009

C o n s i s t e n c y *

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C o n s i s t e n c y *

sooo a couple months ago i started running everyday*
yess everyday/night w/e i exercised daily.
it was apart of my schedule & i never missed a day. ( yay for me )
but nowwww. i just stopped for what reason ? i couldnt tell you l0l
& today i thought wtfff did i stop?
it made me feel good.
I slept better , my skin was better , my moods were better & I was all around better,
school got hectic & i started finding excuses not to run so my body got lazy =/ lol
story of my life haha mann
soo today =]]]
i rann ( yay for me )
yes like the wind l0l
im making it apart of my schedule again
& i know its wayyy easier said than done,
but i AM
i was there before so picking up the pieces shouldn't be hard.
i just want that consistency back in my life =ll
u feel me? l0l
sooo i dont even know why im blogging this l0l
but i figure , i log on everyday so im gonna see this l0l & cant ignore it.
i hope you all have some sort of healthy consistency in your life =]
&& NO not "i smoke a blunt everyday" haha HEALTHY*
toodles mah noodles