Tuesday, March 24, 2009

C o n s i s t e n c y *

run and run and run and run and Pictures, Images and Photos

C o n s i s t e n c y *

sooo a couple months ago i started running everyday*
yess everyday/night w/e i exercised daily.
it was apart of my schedule & i never missed a day. ( yay for me )
but nowwww. i just stopped for what reason ? i couldnt tell you l0l
& today i thought wtfff did i stop?
it made me feel good.
I slept better , my skin was better , my moods were better & I was all around better,
school got hectic & i started finding excuses not to run so my body got lazy =/ lol
story of my life haha mann
soo today =]]]
i rann ( yay for me )
yes like the wind l0l
im making it apart of my schedule again
& i know its wayyy easier said than done,
but i AM
i was there before so picking up the pieces shouldn't be hard.
i just want that consistency back in my life =ll
u feel me? l0l
sooo i dont even know why im blogging this l0l
but i figure , i log on everyday so im gonna see this l0l & cant ignore it.
i hope you all have some sort of healthy consistency in your life =]
&& NO not "i smoke a blunt everyday" haha HEALTHY*
toodles mah noodles

Monday, March 23, 2009

Bon Qui Qui

"i will cutt you" hahaha ; "sa-cer-a-teee" lmao ; why she sound just like a blk girl tho l0l . & why her nail`s match her uniform haha.

have a starry night ♥`s


hello hello =]

wellll , for the past week Ive been on spring break. not doing too much of anything. just been kinda relaxing & enjoying company flying solo ect..soo one who knows me knows im a "movie girl" id pick a movie over almost anything. besides anything that has to do with music l0l,so i guess im a "music girl" dearest Aunt buys movies after movies after movies...all the new releases all the oldies but goodies l0l...she just brings em home , & i love her for that l0l....but yea ive been soo STUCK on this movie "Cadillac Records" & i know its kinda old now but I JUST LOVE iT . Beyonce & Mos Def are at the top on my list so thats another reason.& it makes me cry! first i thought *the acting isnt all that good, but mannn its my fav right now =]

soo if you havent seen it ( shame on YOU ) lol go get it . & watch it & love it & learn the words l0l just see it for me =]]

Cadillac Records Pictures, Images and Photos Pictures, Images and Photos Pictures, Images and Photos
he did so good l0l . his accent was funnny & out of his normal element but hes such a good actor, i loved his role. Pictures, Images and Photos
im gonna meet her before im gone l0l . Pictures, Images and Photos
one of my favorite scenes.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

so far goneee l0l

Aubrey O'day , omggg poor girl. i HATE when celebs get money & ruin they're image! l0l

she was so gorgeoussss. & now just disgusting. this is just sad.

Aubrey Oday Pictures, Images and Photos

she was fine the way she was l0l

aubrey-oday_08.jpg Pictures, Images and Photos

she looks horrible right her lips are gonna explode. not cute at all.

aubrey-oday_02.jpg Pictures, Images and Photos

she went too far.


??? wth l0l ur in public stooopid.


hmm its just so sadd. i wnder if she regrets any of it...& wat her former band members think.

Friday, March 20, 2009

dsuycios =]

"dont speak unless you can improve on silence"

aim`n tianaaa @ 1:43 am. . . .

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

todayyy .

i hit the beach upp with the bbys ; cant wait to own my own beach house! l0l



meet bby Callie =] too cutee.


i dugg all the sand frm under her haha she was confused l0l

i heart those polos =]

Monday, March 16, 2009


leave her ass for a white girl haha

they're cute tho ? likee her hair style is interesting , but i think she pulls it off . .wonder if they get their hair cut 2gether?? haha

Kanye West &amp; Mobel Amber Rose Pictures, Images and Photos

Kanye West &amp; Amber Rose 1 Pictures, Images and Photos

Kanye West &amp; Amber Rose 2 Pictures, Images and Photos

amber rose Pictures, Images and Photos

wtff ?

haha how shallowww . bby momma are evil l0l

this is funny ,

beyonce =]


shes soo real ...


this never faillss to make me laugh out loud haha . . .

haha wow .

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

i missed you .

im backk =]]]


been ghostt , but im here l0l

sooo. . .my life is greatt =]

everythings been good . still ready to graduatee , gonna stop smoking haha . COURTNEY told me to lay off the weed mean l0l. ily courterss.

i LOVEE my mom right now , she got me a car . but idnt get it till the 25th of this month . how mean again l0l....but i cant watit =]]

haha ok soo i smoked at school like a dumbasss & was all nervous lmao waist of weed l0l ! i hate when i DONT be chill . it sucks ....heres a pic of my sister l0l , her ass was gone


welllp thats all gonaa stop haha .

&&& my liddo brother had a birthday =]] . i was sickk but he had funnn , spoiled asss . hes prolly the smartest 11 yr. old youll know .


he looks like big sissy too =].

bby cuzzzin . she likes corn . hahaha


these are prettty =]



i took em. coo huh l0l...

i want a a GOOOD 1 . just for abstract piccs like these l0l . soo pretty .

be back laterr..pinky promise .