Tuesday, February 17, 2009

lord todayyyy .

=]] ; lorrrd today l0l was ew school! c o l d & w e t haha i hate it , && i felt n u m b all day yess numb . like if i was high the night before l0l . it was weird . but i didnt go away . so that scared me , im thinking it was because of the coldness i d k but it was freaky l0l .

- thought`s ;

my babe is thee BEST , we get each other . & he`s soo damn flyy :-* . he`s a light skinned in denial haha . buttt the thing i adore the most is we`re ( f r i e n d ` s )b4( l o v e r ` s ) && we got that spark l0l . that`s my nigga haha .

question ? why do people let themselves get attached to someone who isn't feeling the same way about them ? like how can u let yourself do that ? being drunk off love is not hott . just a random thought ; i find myself giving advice to girlfriend`s about shit like this all the time l0l . butt I'm sure EVERYONE`S been stupid once in they`re whole "love experience" l0l ...yes even me =/ haha but what matter`s is if you actually learned from it =] .

off all that depressing ish' ; at school today iwas stuck on this "out the blue song" l0l . ( Adellle "chasing pavements") he voice is cool remind`s me of like Amy whinehouse but its a mellow song idk why but i like it .

n e whooo it`s dinner timee . bee/are/bee

muahhh *