Thursday, February 12, 2009

Allow me to introduce myself. . .

hiiii =] I'm Marci,new to this whole blogg`n thing but ill get used to it . hmm some randomness : sweet,cute,funny is was can describe me . constantly smiling =D . Lover not a fighter . typical girl with lots of ambition & an open mind . down with the brown & in tact with the black , aka I'm mixed with blk/mex haha =] . I'm a senior in high school READY to launch my walk of life onto different paths in which i will leave my wonderful footprints l0l . in other words I'm ready to discover what I've been dreaming about since forever ha ha. what dream might that be you ask ? the answer is idk exactly but i do know i wanna study RESPIRATORY THERAPY , I'm gonna be the sexiest RT you've ever seen =] , and after I'm gonna travel & meet wonderful people all around the world who will teach me great things! then I'm gonna teach them to you ! ha ha . . .sound like a plan ? . n e ways im here to share my thoughts hope you enjoy =]